Translate Bot translates any text to any language.


/translate_to – Set the language that is being translated text (default: english). Example: /translate_to en
/languages – list available languages
/current_lang – Current language translate to
/translate_this lang some text – Translate ‘some text’ to language ‘lang’
/tt – Do the same that /translate_this
/feedback – Send us your feedback about the @Translate_Bot
/changelog – Last bot changes.
/auto_translate – Enable/Disable auto translate for all incoming messages. Example: “/auto_translate on”.

It is a Telegram version of inTranslation iOS app ( )

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  1. Hyalite Zerfass

    Topical quality content in the form of graphics, quotes, stickers, poetry, short stories, video links, tutorials and life hacks, WikiHow walkthroughs, selected books from various authors and expositions.

    This week’s topic: stress

  2. Jaroslav Mixa

    Dear @Translate_Bot team.
    Could you add feature to translate only messages I want?

    I am unable to translate allready writen text. In SKYPE I am able to do that.
    This would be nice feature to right click on text and translate it.


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