Chat-bots: all the future exists in the past?

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Chat-bots: all the future exists in the past?

Back to the future or why do we need help?

When modern telecommunication technology was just developing, we were so interested in these amazing things. From that time the technical progress has taken the further step forward. Services, utilities, applications – intellectual property market is overflowed and It seems to be scary. Just for now we would like to bring time back and appear somewhere with simple interface as there is no such many things such as communication, chatting, getting necessary information that we really need. How it can be cool to find a reliable friend being ready to help and waiting for you in the corner of your screen. No problem! This hero is one of the team of virtual helper.

Modern chat-bot

Popularity of chat-bots can’t be aloof from the development of IT-technology. The more adapted the product is the more chance for getting audience . The artificial intelligence is the leader of modern life. Nowadays there are two directions in mobile services with great demand: chat-bot for business and chat-bot for messenger. The chat-bot for messenger is more popular with users. Business Insider, that publishes regular reports regarding with this field, confirms this fact completely. According to the researches the crucial moment was in 2015 when bots became more popular than usual applications (3 to 2.5 millions users), as for the situation by the 4th quarter of 2016 the difference makes up 4.5 to 3 millions.

Commercial breakthrough

So why bots dominate conventional applications? It is only one point “All at once!”. What does it mean, let’s consider below:

1. Simplicity.
People like using simple and clear devices. Nobody is interested in inventions that are difficult to use. Fortunately, time with limited variety of technical facilities has passed by. For instance, to install chat-bot for Facebook you don’t waste a lot of time on setting up the application and get all you need.

2. Mobility.
Now It’s possible to get access to any service you like whenever you want using only messenger.

3. Conveniences.
Modern telecommunication technology is not only socializing but also non-stop exchanging of information. Using messengers you can instantly find any facts, operating with finance and sharing chat-bots with other people.

4. Costs cutting.
Even If you have the device with great operating memory, you are to remember that everything is limited as well you battery which need to be charged. Moreover using a lot of applications can be confusing.

5. Humanity.
The most important thing is that bot, chat-bot Facebook or any other will definitely care about you and become the closest conversation partner being ready to help at any time.

Chat-bot for calling without logging out from messengers

A lot of attention should be paid to chat-bots allowing calls from messengers. Such a service is developing with help of a lot of leading companies as It’s future technology. Say, Japanese company Line has increased its profitability at 10 times by bots implementation. Business application Slack has chosen the same way. They provide services that are available for everyone these days. And the company got the ever-increasing audience. “Genius is simplicity” can be repeated continuously.

Having understood how successful this field many developers started working in this direction. But the competition is fierce and the specific approach is conclusive. What does the customer need? Something that people cannot refuse. The live communication will always be such a variant.

The demand on messengers is as high, because communication costs a lot as it never have been before, being too expensive. Everyone want to get an ability to use live communication with pleasure. Tviggo company offers an economic solution of the problem . They have even more than just a chat-bot – it is a sheet anchor, that makes miracles. Their services for messengers – flexible bot for Telegram, Facebook, Line and Slack. You can make calls in any part in the world, only charging monthly fee, installing it. Now, you have a great way of communication with relatives and business-partners, work, without any limits not exiting the messenger, because the app is not depending on quality of the Internet-connection.

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