New Mega Bot Pack Updated

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New Mega Bot Pack Updated

A new Mega Bot Pack has been updated!
All Bots are organized by Categories, so explore them is quite fast & easy 🙂

You could go directly to Home Menu and explore Bots visually or check out the Last Updated BotPack List below with the new Bots.

There is a Master Bot List too, where you could see the whole Bot List available till now.

Your feedback is quite important for us, it would be a pleasure if you write us telling whatever you think about the web, even for stuff you don’t like or is not fine (like language errors).
Hope you all like it, new Bots will be available soon!


InstaSave Bot – @instasave_bot
Telegram Groups Bot – @telegroupsbot
Text to Speech Bot – @speechbot
GetMusic Bot – @getmusicbot
isUP Bot — @isup_bot
Calcu Bot — @calcubot
Paque Bot Maker – @paquebot
Nomad Bot (Taylor) – @nomadbot
SteamSale Bot – @steamsalebot
UnitConverter Bot – @unit_converter_bot
Gypsy Bot – @gypsybot

iMobile Bot (Iran) – @imobilebot

Secret Bot – @secretbot
MagicConchShell Bot – @magicconchshellbot
Quote Of The Day Bot – @qotdbot

Emad Khan Bot (Iran) – @emadbot
Ramona Bot (Iran) – @ramonabot
MP Bot (Iran) – @mpbot
Manooch Bot (Iran) – @mrghaatbot

Joko Bot (Iran) – @jokobot
Vajehyab Bot (Iran) – @vajehyabbot

Spaco Bot (Italy) – @spacobot

NovlerBot (Iran) – @novlerbot

InstaGet Bot – @instagetbot

Job Seeker Bot – @job_bot
All New Stickers Bot – @AllStickerBot
Tweeting Bot – @tweetingbot

Engadget Bot – @engadgetbot
ExchangeRates Bot – @exchangeratesbot

IYTclub Bot (Iran) – @iytclub_robot

GetWeather Bot – @getweatherbot
Weathercast Bot – @weathercast_bot

iMobile Bot, Utilities – @imobilebot

Emad Khan Bot, Entertainment – @emadbot
Ramona Bot, Entertainment – @ramonabot
MP Bot, Entertainment – @mpbot
Manooch Bot, Entertainment – @mrghaatbot

Joko Bot, Games – @jokobot

Vajehyab Bot, Education – @vajehyabbot
NovlerBot, Education – @novlerbot

IYTclub Bot, News – @iytclub_robot

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