OXBot: Play TicTocToe game with your friends with Telegram!

رتبتون رو با دستور/ranks ببینین.
درضمن, اشکالات رفع شده و سرعت بازی هم بهبود پیدا کرده!
*فقط بازی های با حریف شانسی حساب می شن!
*رتبه ها تقریبا هر 15 دقیقه آپدیت می شن.
*امتیازها به این صورته:
بُرد: +16
مساوی: +4
باخت: -1
خروج از بازی: -10

❌ The famous XO Game ⭕️
From now, every game is counted, and ranks are accessible via /ranks ?
Also some bugs are fixed and performance have improved.
Have fun! ?
*Only random games are counted.
*Ranks are updated automatically evey 15 minutes.
*Scores are counted this way: Winning a game: +16, Losing: -1, Leaving a game: -10, Tied games: +4

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  1. mariana

    hello i installed this bot and when i press on attach in a conversation its shortchut appears under contact attachment and its really anoying, is there anyway to uninstall that so it does not appear??

    • mariana

      btw i have ios10

    • Yz

      I success remove this bot suggestion from attachment. I using telegram for android, when open the attachment menu, swipe up to see the bot suggestion, when you see the @oxbot, hold and chose remove bot from suggestion. And we’ve done. This bot suggestion also disappeared on my other telegram client.


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