Calling or typing?

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Calling or typing?

How not to let to limit yourself?

According to statistics, people are messaging more the making calls. But does the figures pass the true desires of people? Does anybody cares about them when the profit is at the first place? The fact, that the man will make a conscious choice, exchanging live communication to the letters, dots and quotation marks seems inconvenience. Unfortunately, the lack of money caused all the things mentioned above. However, if you’ll have the chance to change everything, will you use it, won’t you? Let’s have a look at the current situation at the market of IT services and try to find a solution, which will be able to turn the course of things to our advantage.

The background

Telephone industry had appeared far earlier than the IT, oriented to using World Wide Web as a basic means of communication. It absolutely dominated on her younger brother for years, until it grew up and took reins into its hand. At the moment, almost all types of communication are closely related to Internet, which is absorbing verbally everything around. You don’t have to be surprised, it’s possibilities is unlimited. It is now enough to install any messenger, you like, on your device or the application such as Skype or Viber. Connect to the network and “let’s start!”. Everything is so easy and cheap, that you can forget about the mobile network.

Let me make call!

The mobile network is more expensive, its abilities are constrained within narrow bounds, but it covers almost each part of the country. Internet can’t give such possibilities. Unfortunately, it is impossible to catch all the world in the world wide web, and it is uneconomic from the financial point of view. So, you’ve got a question: will the installed application be an essential part for you? You can’t go without calls. You could ask in such case: “What I have to do?”. You have to look for more universal and dependable solution, and we are trying to solve this problem in our article.

Best applications to call

It will be an ideal case to find an application with the functions of an internet-service and the coverage of a mobile operator, kind of hybrid-amphibia. It was the mean, which thanks to its flexibility will let you to step outside of the current limitation. The telecommunication companies and we are quizzed by solving this problem.

The upcoming sector of IT-market in such context are messengers. The main factors which influence the rise of their popularity are simplicity, mobility, low-priority requirements, support of any extensions based on chat-bots, which let you to make a personalize application for messaging in your gadget of the common messengers.

Taking into consideration all mentioned above, service looks like an installing messenger into the chat-bots, will become a perfect solution. Basically, you can dispense without the well-known Skype or Viber. They are simple in use, their functions include all necessary means, a lot of pleasant ad-dons, but they are separate applications and they are not able to work inside the messengers. The installation will be needed and it will take an additional space on your device, often importunate notifications and unnecessary advertisement. Also, they are critically depend on quality of an internet connection. It is better to use service Freeje, which is insensitive to internet-traffic. Regardless of ability to get access to world wide web, the application gives you a wonderful chance to communicate with any subscriber at the any point on the map. The only disadvantage is that it is impossible to be integrated into the messenger.

When there’s a will there’s a way

The development «» has become the latest thing at the market of information services. Tviggo initially was developing as a progressive chat-bot, which can easily be integrated in your favorite messenger (Facebook Messenger, Telegram, Line and Slack). After some minutes of using you see, that this app was made, taking into consideration the real needs of the client. And such conclusions are not accidental. The company held its own researches during some years before starting the project, analyzing the market using the statistics data of such organizations as “Business Insider” and “Statsoft”.

All work that had been made, doubtlessly delivered benefits. As the result, all the problems, which were faced by rivals, were successfully omitted.

However, lot of people choose totally different way. To save money, the firstly, trying to issue the beta-versions of products and testing them onto the clients, improving it in the process. But it is unprofessional. People shouldn’t pay for improving of already purchased product. It is difficult to imagine, that in order to drive a car the you’ve bought, you need to buy the wheels additionally.

What does Tviggo offer? If you are spending the most part of your time in the world wide web and you don’t have any time or desire to use different applications, just install Tviggo in your messenger. You will be able to make calls through the Internet in a while, but you won’t depend on the quality of the Internet connection. Now, you can forget about the traditional VoIP network and feel, what does it mean – to feel the freedom of communication without any limits. Only what is needed of you and your talk partner – to pay monthly fixed price and install the extension into your messenger. That’s all. No roaming, no unreasonable charges, no risk of disappearing of the Internet. Enjoy your life – it is worthy!

Calling or typing? What is your choice?

Any situation is determined by the its viewing angle. When you’ll look at things differently, sometimes the problem stop to be a problem, and you won’t need to make any choices. Get everything of your life, bring really worth things in it, omitting usless things. Remember that you can find an emerald among the thousand of stones!

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