New Bot Features

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New Bot Features

In this section you’ll be able to check all the New Bot Features that bot creators are updating daily.

As you know, Bots are developed by normal people in order to share they knowledge with the community. So little bugs detected are being fixed by the creators as soon as possible.

Here you’ll be informed about all this updates!


Hey there! 👋🏻
The bot is upgraded now. Some small bugs are fixed and performance improvements are made. 💯
Try it!
Don’t know how to use it? Send /help.
Rate it 5 Stars if you liked the bot. 😉

I want to tell you some news 🙂

1. Now you can convert currencies with a single command, e.g.: 2eurusd, irrusd5, 4 myr thb, 500 inr to usd, 220usd in btc
2. Some improvements /currencies It will be more better, but it takes time.
3. See a new commands: /help

I read your reviews. Many of the proposals will be implemented, but it takes time.

/stop unsubscribe forever

Thank you, Bot.

دانلود نرم افزار رامونا برای اندروید و استفاده از مکان یاب و پیشنهاد های روز.

رامونا در کافه بازار برای اندروید
رامونا یک بات تلگرام است. کارای جالبی میکنه. بهتون مکان های نزدیک پیشنهاد میده، میتونید باهاش بازی کنید، قیمت های زنده ارز و طلا و …

There is a little bug that will be solved as soon as it becomes possible.

Question.”Whenever I send somebody a photo It shares my ID and username when I click the sender Then somebody send me a photo and the same thing happened And I saw his ID and his profile picture too”

Answer.”It’s a known bug and one we can’t solve right now, due to Telegram limitations!”

So we’ll have to wait till this issue could be solved 😉

Creator: @MachielMolenaar


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