ExchangeRatesBot could show exchange rates for 165 world currencies.

/start – Welcome message.
/currencies – List of the exchange rates.
/cancel – Cancel the current operation.
/lang – Change the language.
/donate – Donate.
/help – About Bot.
/unsubscribe – Unsubscribe.

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    Outdated information. Bot speaks Italian and many languages. Logo of bot is changed too.


    /start – Tutorial
    /lang – Change a language
    /currencies – A list of exchange rates
    /cancel – Cancel the current operation
    /feedback – If you have suggestions, text me
    /consolemodetoggle – Hide/show a custom keyboard
    /chartstoggle – Hide/show a charts near exchange rates
    /disclaimers – Disclaimers
    /stop – Unsubscribe

    How to use

    Send me a message to see the exchange rate: usdeur, btcusd

    You can convert the amount: 2eurusd, irrusd5, 4 myr thb, 500 inr to usd, 220usd in btc

    In group chats, message looks like this: /usdeur, /btcusd, /2eurusd, /irrusd5, /4myrthb


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