GypsyBot allows you to do different things like: weather, currency, translator, url shortener and a few other handy tools.

/img [term] – Image search.
/isup [URL] – See if the website is online.
/pimp [sentence] – Pimp your Text.
/rand [min] [max] – Random number.
/say [sentence] – Auto language Text to Speech.
/weathernow – Get the currently weather.
/decimal [binary] – Binary to Decimal.
/binary [decimal] – Decimal to Binary.
/translate [sentence] – Translate any language to english.
/list [sentence] – Convert any currency.
/short – URL shortener.

/brliof – Converta USD para Real com IOF.
/metrosp – Status das linhas do metro em São Paulo.
/correios [código] – Última localização da sua encomenda.
/loteria – Últimos números da loteria.

Created by @luigi_o 😀
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